Currently commissions are open in limited number and with a longer waiting time!!!


  • Animal chibis - 40 CHF | 44 USD | 38 EUR
    • One character
    • Simple background
    • No anthro
    • Extra fees for complex designs
    • Extra characters +35 CHF (3 max total)
    • Nature background +25 CHF

Chibi dog drawingChibi dog drawingChibi cat drawing

  • Pet portrait - 65 CHF | 70 USD | 60 EUR
    • One character
    • Flower background
    • No anthro
    • Extra fees for complex designs
    • Extra characters +50 CHF (2 max total)

Dog pet portraitCat pet portraitDog pet portrait


Terms of Services

General Information:

  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission without explanation
  • The commissioner must provide a brief description along with visual references of a commission idea
  • Text only descriptions are welcome for character creating commissions
  • Long and cluttered descriptions are not accepted, keep it simple and understandable please (English is not my native language)
  • Don’t make me try to figure out thoughts, if the Commissioner is picky about what he/she wants, I’ll not be held at fault over missing or incorrect informations
  • I cannot be asked to imitate other’s art style, I have my own
  • I reserve the right not to display the commission in my online galleries
  • These commissions are for PERSONAL USE only! If you would like to use the commissioned art for commercial purposes please let me know to discuss the details!


  • I have jobs and projects beside it, and also RL life, please respect my time and don’t rush me
  • A commission can take up to 1 month, unless the project is large
  • Let me know if you need it done by a special date, I only accept deadlines before work has begun


  • The commissioner may ask up to 2 small edits for no charge
  • May charge extra for major edits, and it can be only done in the sketch stage
  • I’ll send work in progress shots to be approved by the Commissioner, usually I send the sketch, but by request I can send one by each stage
  • Redrawing will count as a new, separate commission


  • I accept payments by PayPal only, no exceptions
  • CHF, USD or EUR currency is accepted
  • Full payment upfront, unless otherwise agreed
  • For coming back customers I accept payment when the sketch is shown
  • I’ll send an invoice to your e-mail address, no progress will be made until I receive the payment


  • Refund may be requested at any time
  • I reserve the right to refund a commission any time over the Commissioner’s rude behavior, or poor/lack of communication
  • The refunded amount will be determined by the work that has been already completed
  • I won’t offer refunds if the work has been completed or nearly completed
  • No refunds for sketches

What I won’t draw:

  • Porn, fetishes
  • Nudity
  • Other artists style
  • Gore, vore
  • Complex things without references
  • Machines, mechas
  • Offending things (politics, religion, hate related)

What I provide:

  • A smaller resolution, web-optimized version with my watermark, in JPG format
  • A Hi-res version for print purposes, without watermark, in PNG format
  • On request I can provide the PSD file as well

None yet, feel free to ask!